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It is time for our FINAL SALE of all TWINTEX machinery.  This will be auctioned by Thomas Auctioneers on  April 23rd.
Please click on www.thomasauction.com. Once on their site click on the FGI logo then click on lot catalog and you can view and bid on any or all of the lots. Please note that this is an Internet Auction Only. Within this list of machinery are our remaining weaving looms and a complete Thermoplastic/fiberglass pellet line that could be used for LTF.

TWINTEX is an excellent product line addition for a fiberglass company and provided FGI with over $10,000,000 in sales/year with an EBIDA of over $2,000,000. You can make a lot of money with this equipment!

Fiberglass Industries has recently ceased operations. We are selling our remaining inventory and our machinery at least for the first Q of 2015 and perhaps into the second quarter.

Our stitching equipment has been sold to Saertex.  Please contact them for sales for non woven business.

All Assembled roving and texurizing machinery has be sold to: Seapowet Companies, LLC 408 West Main Street Little Compton, RI 02837 www.seapowetco.com

The Twintex product line has not been sold yet. This was always a profitable business.  If you have a fiberglass plant , this would be a great addition to your product line.

For inquiries for machinery and inventory call our President - Ziggy Ziobro at 518 421 7927




Fiber Glass Industries, Inc., also known as FGI, is in Amsterdam, NY and has been a fiberglass manufacturer and supplier to composites manufacturers for over 50 years. We started with a full line of woven fiberglass and combination products. From there we installed and continue to operate our own furnace and are now one of the top producers of specialty fiberglass mat and cloth products for closed molded / RTM fiberglass composites manufacturers and high strength stitch-bonded fiberglass fabrics for a variety of industries. We also invented and produce Fabmat, which is constructed using woven roving and fiberglass mat. The newest addition to our product line is TWINTEX®.

In 1980, FGI brought on stream its own manufacturing facility where we now manufacture premium quality direct draw roving.Since that time we have also installed and implemented the latest state of the art binder and bushing technology to enhance quality and increase consistency, allowing FGI to supply continuous fiberglass roving to reinforced plastics manufacturers and the corrosion, marine, infrastructure, wind energy and construction industries. Today we offer a complete fiberglass product line while technically supporting pultrusion and filament winding processors.

Our modern fiberglass manufacturing plant in Amsterdam, NY. Coming for a visit?
Please use these easy to follow Directions.
Fiberglass Manufacturing Plant

Fiber Glass Industries is proud to announce that it is now manufacturing a new line of commingled glass and thermoplastic fibers. We manufacture TWINTEX® —
For more information please go to theTWINTEX® product page and for technical questions please call or visit our TWINTEX® technical support forum.

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